Homemade ice cream,
signature recipes & freshly made every day

Soulfood goes Black!

We serve our unique Black Poodle Ice Cream in pitch black waffles (alternatively: cups). Stylish, sexy, und healthy. Healthy? Yup, our waffles contain a special ingredient: active coconut charcoal. Active charcoal is great for detoxing, aids digestion, smooths your complexion, and, supposedly, even cures hangovers. Wow! Wow! Leave it to a poodle to chase away any hangovers left in the neighbourhood.

And the ice cream?

Our ice cream is homemade, freshly prepared every day using our signature recipes. We’ve refined classic flavours and given them a premium treatment. Luxury for ice cream lovers! Each of our flavours is one of a kind – unique in its flavour and composition. What’s more, we’ve put together a truly inclusive selection for everyone – for vegans and gluten or lactose intolerant poodle lovers.

We produce our ice cream in our very own manufacture in Berlin-Schöneberg with a focus on natural, fresh, and premium ingredients. We pride ourselves in immaculate hygienic standards and welcome regular checks by the Berlin health authority as well as an independent institute of the Freie Universität.

So if you happen to be one of the many gourmets that walk this earth and you come across a black poodle in Kreuzberg, be sure to follow it to become a part of the Black Poodle Ice Cream Club! We look forward to seeing you!